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Coning Oil (GRADES: Coning Oil 10)

Packing of Coning Oil:

210 Litres Drums
Date of issue: DKG/21.06.2008

Introduction / Specification of Coning Oil:

Coning Oil 10 is emulsifiable type oil and has been formulated from highly refined mineral oil and specially selected premium surface active agents to provide appropriate antistatic property. Coning oil is non-staining, with good emulsion stability and excellent antistatic property with scourable quality.

Application / Composition of Coning Oil:

Coning Oil 10 is used for all texturising / twisting / crimping operations for synthetic yarns. Coning Oil is also used for softening and wetting the yarns during woolen / rayon cording and rayon coning operation.

Performance Level of Coning Oil:

Coning Oil 10 is a proprietary grade.

Typical Properties of Coning Oil:

Kinematic Viscosity at 40°C., cSt, 9 to 14
Colour, ASTM, Max. 1.0
Flash Point, COC, °C 150
Emulsion Stability Test for 24 Hrs. Passes

Coning Oil is Used / Needs in Machine Tool Industries Applications / Uses as below:

Coning Oil is mostly used in as conning oil, yarn, antistatic oil, Nylon cord, Conning operations, texturising operations, twisting operations, crimping operations, synthetic yarns, yarn softening, yarn wetting, woolen cording operation, rayon cording operation, etc.....

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