Industry Oil » Mist Oil

GRADES:VG 32, 46, 68, 100

Packing of Mist Oil:

210 Litres Drums
Date of issue: 01.07.2009
PDS No. 20340 - 20343

Introduction / Specification of Mist Oil :

Mist Oil 32, 46, 68 and 100 have been formulated from high quality solvent refined base stocks and a specially selected additive system particularly for optimum reclassifying or agglomerating properties. They have high resistance to oxidation, good extreme pressure, anti-rust and anti-wear properties with enhanced surface wetting capabilities.

Application / Composition of Mist Oil :

Refrigeration Oil are recommended for lubrication of a wide range of refrigeration compressors of open, hermetically sealed and semi-sealed reciprocating and rotary type using conventional type refrigerants except SO2 at moderate thermal load.

Performance Level of Mist Oil :


Typical Properties of Mist Oil :
32 46 68 100
KV at 40°C 30 - 34 44 - 48 64 - 72 95-105
VI, Min. 95 95 95 95
Flash Point, COC, °C. Min 200 200 210 210
Pour Point, °C. Max. -12 -12 -12 -12

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